Jun 15, 2017

3D printed nests bring birds back into cities

Following a more aggressive urbanisation stance, an increase in the number of cars, lack of available physical supports and material for nests and a constant increase in air quality and pollution, there has been a decrease in the number of birds in urban areas in the past decades.

Regarding this as an alarming issue, a team of architects and designers from Printednest have come together to explore how 3D printing can help bring the birds back to the city and make spaces more bird-friendly, thus designing a printable nest, capable of adhering to the smooth, exterior surfaces of urban structures, from apartment to office buildings.



The main body of the nest consists of an egg shaped container with antler shaped stems protruding out of it, acting as a perch for birds to land on. The bird feeder can be attached to a building or home window using 2-sided adhesive dual lock tape. The project is open source, meaning that anyone can download the designs and 3D print them for free. The nests can be produced in bold colors so they stand out and brighten up your outdoor space, or they can be more subtle and natural so they blend in with their surroundings.

So far, there are 188 bird nests in 135 cities across 42 countries around the world. By registering your bird feeder, you can gain access to a world map that shows you where others are located.